A Hunger for Healing: The Twelve Steps as a Classic Model for Christian Spiritual Growth (Book)


“The best work I know to forge the natural integration of Christian doctrine and practice on the one hand, and the phenomenally successful Twelve-Step programs on the other. Typical of Keith Miller, it is an extremely sound work which points all of us in a trustworthy direction. The book is quietly prophetic.” – M. Scott Peck, author of “The Road Less Traveled”

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The people whom God uses to teach a new spiritual way often are not recognized religious leaders but those who appear to be ordinary men and women, carpenters like Jesus, tent-makers like Paul, teachers of rhetoric like Augustine, soldiers like Ignatius Loyola, or students of literature like Thomas Merton. Their methods have the smell of earth and the sights and sounds of real life about them.

The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous who developed the Twelve Steps of A.A. were such a group. These people, driven by the pain of a seemingly incurable spiritual and emotional illness that had withstood all known medical and spiritual approaches, turned to God and each other as their only hope. As they gave up on their own power and their own agendas and turned their lives and wills over to God, they rediscovered some amazing secrets that many parts of the Church had lost along the way. They discovered a more simple way to live; trying to find and do God’s will amid the noise and shattering vibrations of contemporary life.

Keith sees a simple yet profoundly powerful spiritual model hidden within the Twelve Steps. For him, after studying the Bible for years, there is no question that the “Higher Power” of the Twelve Steps is the same God revealed in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He takes the reader inside the spiritual process of each step to experience this healing, growing way of surrendering oneself to a Higher Power – for Christians, the God of Jesus Christ. This classic model for Christian Spiritual Formation and Growth offers a proven practical method and structure through which spiritual change and transformation can take place.

Translated into several languages, this book has been embraced by countless discouraged Christians who are willing to take a fresh look at God and at their lives and relationships.

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