The Taste of New Wine – Paperback (1992 Edition)


Miller’s candid and honest life-changing message challenges indifference and creates an exciting sense of spiritual renewal and adventure. With a refreshing absence of religious jargon, he points the way out of the “me-centered” predicament of recent years and offers a pattern of integrity and openness in our relations with God and one another.

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In the first book Keith wrote, he presents a ground-breaking look at what honesty and openness in our relations with God and each another can involve. He shows how the act of finally turning to God and acknowledging to ourselves and God our brokenness and imperfections can be the first step to receiving a real sense of the intimate love and forgiveness/acceptance of God. Turning to God in this way can help transform personal relationships with our families and also begin to free us to accept ourselves and our hidden inner lives – often for the first time. Then, to our surprise, we may begin to see God all around us – in our own particular “everyday, ordinary sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking around life” (See Paul, Romans 12:1f. The Message). Keith’s description of the surprise and wonder we often feel when we begin to discover God’s purposes in our own personal and vocational neighborhoods has made this book a classic. Over two million copies are in print.

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