I have been sitting here for some time, writing my heart out to you on our new software program.  I was telling you about our family’s solution to not having quality time together with our kids, grandkids and great grandkids. 

After pouring my heart out for three pages, I was just writing a prayer at the end, when all of a sudden the cursor (and the curser) went wild moving backwards at the speed of light—erasing all my loving vulnerable sharing.  I punched every button in sight and hollered for Andrea.  By the time she got here, all my work had disappeared.  The computer monster had gulped down EVERY WORD without a belch or even a “thank you.”

This is Friday, July 8th, and we have been trying to get caught up from our annual family gathering at a ranch near Bandera (21 of us), and from a surgical procedure I had upon returning (it looks like the Lord has given me another extension-for which I am very grateful—even though I actually forgot all about being grateful when the computer’s word feast began).

The bottom line is that I am exhausted somehow, and simply do not have the energy to rebirth and re-edit that personal document right now.  So this will have to be my blog for the week.  We will have another one up on Monday or Tuesday (the 11th or 12th).

Andrea and I are sending love and prayers with this note for any of you who have read this far.

Faithfully in our Lord,


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